Movildata, intelligent fleet management

We use Fleetmanager, Movildata’s fleet management system, to improve the efficiency of our fleet and be more competitive.

Integrated into Verizon Connect, Movildata offers telematics solutions tailored to the needs of each company, regardless of size, to facilitate fleet and mobile asset management.

With an easy-to-use interface, FLEETMANAGER® offers useful information that improves the productivity of mobile workers, optimizes time and saves costs of fuel, maintenance, tires and diets.

+ 4.000 vehicles


+ 1.900 customers

in Spain

+30 engineers

at your disposal

Tier IV Cloud Server

always available

Fleetmanager, fleet management system

Fuel savings

With FLEETMANAGER® you can save between 2-5% of fuel. Our system provides detailed fuel consumption and driving style reports that identify actions that cause inefficient fuel consumption and then correct them through an efficient driving training plan.

Safety of the vehicle, goods, fuel and driver

The system incorporates different types of security sensors that prevent the theft of the vehicle, the goods and the fuel, detecting at the same time frauds in the refuelling thanks to the permanent monitoring of the level of the tank.

Prevent stowaways

The appearance of stowaways is quite common in freight transport. Therefore, the hidden system protects your goods by activating a powerful siren and notifying you in real time when an unauthorized opening of the cargo doors is detected.

Optimization of tachograph times

FLEETMANAGER® shows a complete report on the hours driven, hours available and next rest periods according to European Regulations, giving you the possibility of sending warnings to your drivers with the aim of avoiding sanctions for non-compliance with regulations and possible use of magnets.

In addition, you can download from a distance the tachograph memory and the cards of your drivers quickly, easily and safely.

Sending routes, work orders and messages to the driver

Sending personalized messages, routes and work orders from the ERP to the MFLEET App installed on the driver’s smartphone or on the vehicle’s tablet allows you to know at all times the status of each loading/unloading and to have a history of activities carried out on a range of dates with images and documentation attached, as well as a digital signature.

Route reports and map representation

You will be able to consult in real time and at all times where your vehicles are and the routes that have been made between the dates you select.

Control Dashboards

FLEETMANAGER® allows you to see all this information you need in a very comfortable and visual way. From very intuitive graphics, you will be able to consult the most important aspects of your fleet at a glance (speeds, time on the road, stops made, etc.).